Not the easiest page

Not because it was difficult to choose the papers and embellishments - as ever Quirky Kits made that easy.
But because I wanted a page to pay tribute to our dog who died at the beginning of June (wow, over 2 months ago already)
Here is my tribute to our loveable, annoying dog


I used the Hooray main kit. I love the My Minds Eye Hooray paper so used that as my main focus, cutting it to 11 1/2 square so I could also use a little of the stripe on the other side. To rest the photos on the busy paper I made a mat from the American Crafts Dear Lizzy Saturday Bagels. To add detail to top and bottom I trimmed the detail strip from a few of the papers. The pom pom ribbon was too much fun not to use (although Lucky never knew what to do with a ball. Sigh) and I adhered it to the main paper with extra sticky tape (red tape).

Before sticking down the mat I trimmed a few jumbo labels to tuck underneath.
Then over the top of the photos I added some of those amazing Pink Paislee Take Me Away Wood Veneer Painted Shapes, the large one of which was topped by some Hooray Thickers. 

Two more shapes were glued down at bottom right - the house makes me think that Lucky is having fun in her new home.... .

then I added some Nuvo drops - the blue from the kit and also some green drops and some crystal drops that are similar

I've realised that I made a mistake on the layout - Lucky was born in 2002 rather than 2013 so I'll have to work out how to correct that.

It isn't easy doing a page like this but it is cathartic and it is nice to have the end of her life scrapped as she appeared in so many other pages as well

More July/August Kits

Hi! Leo here today :)

Gosh this month is getting away from me I did plan to a do run through of all the kits each day but I've been busy with the new Christmas kits and it's just zooming by this week so today I've got a run through of all of the remaining three kits.
First up let's take a look at 'Hooray'.

The paper a-sides like in Cake Walk are really fun and bright and a mix of everyday patterns and a hint of the party theme that runs through all the kits. The B-sides in contrast are neutrals great for using as backgrounds if that's what you like to do. :)

 You get a full pack of the new Pink Paislee Take Me Away veneer embellishments. These ones have painted details. I liked these from the Take Me Away collection as the collection as a whole is very femanine but thse veneers have lovely bright pops of colour that will work with so many themes and especailly good for documenting the summer months. You also get these cute little house wooden embellishments in a minty green. There is some minty green matching pom pom trim in the kit and it's only when I'm looking back through these photos I've noticed I've not got that here but you can see it on the kit page.

This kit has some fun custom touches. This is a strip of labels to cut out and there are colours to co-ordinate and contrast with every bit in the kit. These are great for adding in bits of journalling or a date stamp. There's a good size too so not too small to be able to actually write on which sometimes with some of these kinds of labels that are included in the packs of die cuts I struggle with doing.

The alphabets in the kit are a good neutral so you'll be able to use them on any of the papers. They have solid 'middle' bits too which will help them to stand out when you use them on the more heavily patterned papers:

Another cute addition are the resin frames from Freckled Fawn. They have a random doodleness to them and the pack has two colours, one a bright yellow and one a little darker, both these colours are through your kit too. These could be great for frame small photos or highlighting areas of journalling or just using as a layered embellishment with some thing smaller inside the frame. They do have a plastic film covering on them when you take them from the packet so rub around the frames a bit and you should see it start to lift away from the plastic so you can then just peel it back.

These are really fun in Hooray. They're tile cards you can use as titles/journalling spaces or layering embellishments. These are also great for building up grids on your layouts, more on that below.

The main kit has these fun booklets with step by steps inside and page sketches on the front. This is the grid idea you can use with the tile cards. The photos used in the sample were taken from a mobile phone, if you've ever printed photos right from your phone sometimes they have a weird long thin format and cutting them into squares like this is a different way of using that kind of long thin size without having to crop them as much as you do to print at 6x4, (these are printed at 3.5x 7).

Last but not least in the Hooray main kit you also get a bottle of Nuvo drops to play with. You can make fun little drops/dots of colour with these that dry hard. The ones I played with have dried in about 2 hours so a lot less that the recommended on the bottle 24 hours but I guess it all depends on where you are and if those conditions are good for drying :)
You don't have to stick to dots you can paint with them too by joining together dots. I had a play doing a heart and a flower for you here. :) One tip I should pass on is to clean the end of the nozzle after you've used them as it's easy to wipe off when it's wet, not so easy when it's dry so keep it clean and clear while it's wet, just a bit of tissue does the trick.
This navy blue colour was picked out for the kits as a good neutral and it will stand up against all those colour in the kit too. We did have more colours in the extras shop and they're going down well so I will add some more to kits in future. These things come in metallic and glitter too, I mean come on how can we not get into that fun-ness!

OK that was Hooray. There are a handful of kits available for single purchase and they're only available while stocks last out, check out the kit page in the shop here.

Next up is the pocket card kit.
PiƱata Custom Cards Kit

Starting with the 4x6 size cards. As with all the kits the colour story is bright and colourful but to contrast that you have black, white and navy.

 Lots of the cards have a hand doodled and hand painted feel.

Some have brighter colours, these all have hand painted looks. Part of the inspiration was the Rio Olympics too.

Embellishments include these fun puffy stickers you can add quickly and easily either directly on your cards or as they're good an sticky you can stick them on the pocket page protectors which is a fun way to embellish over photos without damaging them.

You also get a full pack of the new Dear Lizzy Saturday chipboard tags. Numbers are great for daily scrapbooking or you can relate them to how many people are featured in pictures or any other kind of number in your month/week or just numbering your weeks through your album, (there are 10 tags so enough for every week from August to September). I must say I expected them to be sticky backed so was a bit surprised they weren't but you can stick them down with a bit of glue or tape. We could write a 'Dear Lizzy' letter so see if there are other suggestions to attach these. ;)

You also get these super cute resin words made by Freckled Fawn. They're sized for your cards so you can use them on top or put them in a pocket on their own if you prefer that.

Now last but not least let's look into the embellishment kit 'Dancing on the Ceiling'. 

This kit continues with the party fun influences but there's a bit of a more sophisticated twist to this one as there's a little more black and white that the colours. This is the kits I've been using for photos so it's a little bit scrappy looking without the packaging and I may have *cough* pilfered a clip for my planner already.

The embellishments have a cute way of working together with the doodle/hand paintiness you can pair. The black/white/gold combo you can use independently or work it with the colourful stickers.

The paper clips match the stickers too:

You get a lot of washi tape in the kit, three rolls which are all part of the same pack. I debated if to get this pack as it's a fair chunk of the kit budget to have as just washi but in the end the patterns won out, they'll go with loads of things so you'll get lots of use out of them. These are a nice proper 'washi' too with the tapes being slightly transparent and not papery.

More sophistication with the very posh new Thickers from the dear Lizzy Saturday collection and very cool puffy star stickers from Freckled Fawn. The next picture shows more of the very pretty Yes Please stickers from My Minds Eye and the fun pinstripe button embellishments. If you have wedding photos to document from the summer months all these black/white/gold elements will come into their own.

Now this wouldn't be a Quirky Kit if it got too serious so a curvball of fun-ness has been thrown in with this super cute trim. It's seam binding so you can use it along edges of paper, just like you'd use it to bind a seam in sewing. Or else just use it as you would ribbon. That navy's popping back up here too ;)

More trim in this super fun coral ribbon printed with green stars. If you have the main kit along with the embellishment kit this is the exact same colour as your card stock colour, that lovely glowing coral that's half way pink and half way orange. I put in lots of this ribbon as, to run with the party inspiration through all the kits you could use this for gift wrapping.

That's all folks! Check out the website for all the kit details. New subscription places for the next kits start on September 1st. The next kits have a botanical/autumnal influence and each kit is named for a British native tree. Look out for Oak, Willow, Scots Pine and Hazel coming October 2016! In between kit time there's also the new Christmas Card Making Club kits and classes. There's a new kit every month starting from next week and classes to run along with each kit to give you a kick start to creating your Christmas cards for 2016. In December the class will change to a minibook class and you'll be able to use up all the leftover bits to create your December mini book, cool huh! Check out all the details here.

I'll be back here on Saturday for a fun class using these kits.
xx Leo

A walk through Cake Walk!


Well the new kits are out and are arriving at their new homes. To start off this month I thought we could take a look through each of the new kits. Today I've got Cake Walk, the new Lite kit so let's take a look shall we :)

The papers in Cake Walk are Pink Paislee Take Me Away #01 and #16, Photoplay Fun with friends 'Rosettes' and Amy Tangerine Oh Happy Life 'Sure Thing'. The a-sides, (below) are all fun and bright patterns with designs you could cut out to embellish with if you wanted to.

The paper b-sides are all neutral so great for using as backgrounds to build your layouts on top of if that's what you prefer they're a lot calmer too with the more subtle tones so if the bright patterns weren't working for you, you get the opposite on this side.

The alphabets in Cake Walk are the easy to use puffy stickers from Freckled Fawn. This grey colour is a good neutral and it works in a way that it's pretty when mixed with the lilac and pink tones in the kit and then mixed in with the greens and blues it's more masculine. 

Also in Cake Walk are label sheets. These have been designed to work with everything in the kit. The coloured ones are super easy to cut apart with scissors. They're handy to use as sub titles or journalling starting points. They're just the right size for 3x4 cards too if you're creating pocket scrapbook pages.

The other label sheet is a bold black with a stamp effect font for the messages. Stamping white on black is super difficult to pull off so this gives you the same look but in a quick easy format! You can cut them out in thin strips or thicker strips.

You could also cut them out in shapes. This is a really easy way to make an arrow kind of shape. Fold roughly in half without creasing too bad and cut off each end at opposite angles. Open it out to get your arrow shape.

The butterfly stickers in the kit offer another bold contrast with the black designs on clear. You can apply them right on the papers. Try out layering up your paper pieces first and then adding a sticker or stickers over the top of the different layers.

Or to give them a 3D look apply them to paper and cut out folding up the wings a little.

There are cute little laser cut wooden embellishments in Cake Walk too. You can leave them wood or colour them with paints or inks. This is a chalk inkpad, (VersaMagic).

All the embellishy bits built up together.

One last bit is the cute postcard you can use for journalling or a recipe, it could be used on a page about something someone else made for you if you're not the one who does the cooking ;). The new season of Great British Bake Off is starting at the end of August too so I had to put something to do with baking in the kit!

This month they'll be classes for subscribers with all four of the new kits so make sure you check your kit messages to get the hand outs. I'll post them up here on the blog too.

Check back in for a look though the main kit Hooray next!
x Leo


Hello lovelys,

This layout literally took me about 10 minutes, And its also a great way to use up bits of scrap card you have laying about.. You know what I mean right? where you end up with a massive pile at the end of the desk and it's constantly getting knocked over, well use them up with this simple circle easy layout.

Here I have used the festival custom cards for the circles, the Kraft card from the main kit, Tropical BAZZILL basics Cardstock, Acrylic black heart embelishments and Fitgerald Thickers. (*DISCLAIMER- The thickers are NOT from the quirky kits but from my stash, I have used these as I ran out of letters for the title I wanted from the ones we got this month..oopps*)

First of all grab your self either a circle die, punch or even a pair of scissors if your cutting the circles freehand. Once you have your desired tool cut the circles from the custom cards, I just picked the bright patterned ones. The next step is to cut them into semi-circles.

I chose the 2x2 picture size as I had a few photographs I wanted to use. After I printed these out I matted 4 photographs onto the Kraft and 4 photographs on the tropical and then obviously placed them alternatively in a circle. 

Using the half circles I mixed 2 different ones together and placed them underneath the photographs.

Finally I choose one circle and kept it whole, and placed the acrylic heart in the centre to embellish.

Final finishing  touches includie my glittery title with journaling at either side. 

Quick, simple and effective!


Time to sit back & unwind...

Hey everyone! I'm baaaack!
Here as promised is my Project Life style layout using the May/June Quirky kit.
With this layout I will describe window by window what I did and the products I used to complete this look.

Window 1:

So it may not be clear what or why I even did this card...It was to show myself spend too much money you don't really have lol.
For this pocket I cut a 4x6 inch piece of the Bazzill 12x12 Tropical Cardstock and to this I adhered my photo. To this I added a couple of stickers from the Jen Hadfield cardstock stickers pack, the arrow was from the Jillybean Soup Healthy Hello Peapod parts and I also added a few of the puffy heart stickers from the Fancy Pants Millie and June Puffy Dot Stickers pack to finish off.

Window 2

Again I used the Bazzill Jetstream cardstock as my backing card and onto this I adhered my photo showing...yep more spendatures (oops) On the left hand side of the card I used one of the 3x4 cards from the Festival Custom Cards Kit. I then used some of the pieces from the Jillybean Soup Healthy Hello Peapod Parts ephemera pack (which I adore! It's right up my alley!) For the gold centre of the flower I used another of the Millie & June Puffy dot stickers and finished off this card by using the Millie & June Royal blue puffy alphabet. To make the card stand out a little I used a black rollerball marker and drew some faux stitching to create a nice effect.

Window's 3&4

For window's 3&4 I used another 2 of the cards that Leo designed from the Festival custom cards kit. The one on the left I wanted to do some journalling to remind myself not to spend so much and the other I decorated with a couple of photo's from the Adult Colouring App I'd been using that week. I'll admit I still prefer normal colouring with actual pencils, but it was still relaxing and you could choose several finishes for your artwork once you'd finished them. Again I used the Jillybean Soup Healthy Hello ephemera for decoration alongside the Millie & June Puffy dot stickers, and finished this card off by using one of the Pretty Little Studio silver foiled labels from the main kit.

Window's 5&6

For window's 5&6 I used another 2 of the cards from the Festival custom card kit. The one on the left displayed 2 more of the photo's from the adult colouring app and was embellished guessed it, more of the Jillybean Soup Healthy Hello ephemera and some of the Millie & June puffy dot stickers. The card on the right had embellishments from the same two packs as the left card with the addition of one of the Jen Hadfield Everyday cardstock stickers. A simple but pretty filler card.

Window 7  

A photo collage made on Pic stitch was the main focus of this card, this time using one of the 4x6 cards from the Festival custom card kit. It shows the car I made in one of the games I purchased for my PS4 and also the other games that arrived. I made a little embellishment cluster on the right side of the card using one of the Jen Hadfield everyday stickers, and more ephemera from the Jillybean soup Healthy Hello (from the amount I've used of that ephemera pack this month throughout the layouts I've currently posted, I think it shows just how much can come in a little packet..I myself was amazed and would love to get my hands on another pack of it as it's so versatile. The awesome word helped to finish the page and made my photo stand out even more. It helps to draw your eye to the subject of the card.

Window 8

Nice and simple for this last card as I'd already heavily embellished the other ones. This was one of the 4x6 filler cards that came in the Festival custom card kit. The colour palette Leo used to create these is right up my avenue and it was a pleasure to work with them. Aren't we lucky to have kits with such a variety, but co-ordinate perfectly with each other! 

As usual I had great fun making this Project Life style layout, and there is at least one more post to come from me before we get our new goodies through the post (Can you believe it's August already?) For my next post I'm going to show you how you can incorporate cut files from a Silhouette die cutter (for those of you that have one) and some mixed media into your layouts, whilst still using products from the kit. 
Until my next post.. Happy Scrapping Everyone! x